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The Cave of Nerja

La Cueva de Nerja is without doubt one of the most impressive attractions of all Andalusia, the authentic jewel of the unique nature of Spain. However, although the villagers had the idea of the existence of a small cavity which was known as “The cement mine”, no one had dared to enter inside. It was on the 11th of  January 1959 when four young people made the discovery walking through the stalactites. A year later it was inaugurated and opened to the public, being dubbed “Cueva de Nerja”. In 1961 it was declared Artistic Historical Monument and in 1985 as a Place of Cultural Interest. Since then this natural monument has hosted millions of visitors from around the world.

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The touristic tour of the Cueva de Nerja has a length of 750 meters and runs through the lower galleries framing the rooms of the Hall, Bethlehem, Waterfall, Ghost and Cataclysm. An itinerary full of spacious rooms, high vaults and beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites that will make you lose track of the outside world. And in its interior the time seems to have stopped, making a journey of thousands of years in which the visitor can discover the hidden corners of this beautiful natural jewel in which a lot of groups of prehistoric humans already lived before.

But also, if you decide to book a room in our budget hostel in Nerja, you will have the opportunity to make a lesser known visit to the caves. This is the speleological visit that will certainly enjoy the most daring visitors and it takes place for the Upper and New Galleries, through the Hall of Columns of Hercules, room of immensity, the room of the Spear and Gallery Levels. If you are interested in a speleological visit of the Cave of Nerja, you will need to book it in advance, because the activity is done in small groups of 10 people accompanied by a team of expert guides who ensure the safety of participants.. The journey time is 5 hours.

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